Rural Women's leadership

Started in 2000 "Rural Women's Leadership Project" aimed at providing to women in 20 the most vulnerable communities in the border regions of Armenia necessary knowledge and skills to start up their new market oriented agricultural projects. Developed and implemented in partnership with Rutgers University in New Jersey 20 women have started their small family agri businesses. In 9 years the project expanded involving more than 600 and covering more than 50 villages.

Promoting Women’s Engagement in the Society

PROJECT OBJECTIVES: • To increase women’s engagement in civil society. • To improve and increase efforts to protect women’s rights in the North Caucasus and Armenia.

"New generation of rural women leaders"

The overall goal of the "New generation of rural women leaders" project is to increase the role of young women in political life in Armenia, in particular young women from rural areas. The special focus of the project are the strengthening capacity of the young women leaders to protect their political and civil rights, as well as other women who run for local governance and National Assembly, peace building and conflict resolution skills. The project became possible by the financial support of Kvinna till Kvinna foundation.

"Strengthening Capacities of Rural Women"– Phase IV

The project aims at addressing the complex discrimination that women in rural areas encounter: be it in their advancement in political life, career, education, and employment, social stigma, and inherited through generations subordinated status of women.

“Young Rural Women’s Leadership”

Democracy Today” NGO started “Young Rural Women’s Leadership” project in order to raise young women’s involvement in political life, empower them and . There were organized trainings, seminars and meetings to present participants skills and knowledge of being as future leaders aimed at increasing the role of young rural women in political life and forwarding their interests and ambitions in leadership.

"Strengthening capacities of rural women"

Democracy Today works with Nalbandyan village women almost 10 years. During those years different projects were realized. Nalbandyan villages located in Armavir Marz, and very close to the Turkish border. In order to earn money and help family to keep both ends together mainly men left the village and went to abroad (mainly to Russian federation and Ukraine) for earning money. Women become the only who carried out the problems in village.

Empowering women Leaders in Rural areas III

Through the work of established Coalition of Rural women, women leaders are able to take their experience and knowledge, as well as challenges they face in their everyday work as leaders of border communities, to develop models of effective solutions and to mentor and train generation of young women leaders.

Marketing agricultural products produced by women

Development of a trade fair by establishing direct contact between women producers and consumer companies. Women from 50 villages and Yerevan display their products during 6th Traditional Agricultural Fair.

Empowering Women Leaders in Rural Areas II

Enhancing leadership of women mayors and other women leaders from Armenia and Nagorno Kharabach, making women’s voices heard at high decision making level.