"New generation of rural women leaders"

Start date:Jan,2013 End date:Dec,2013

Project purpose

The overall goal of the "New generation of rural women leaders" project is to increase the role of young women in political life in Armenia, in particular young women from rural areas.
The special focus of the project are the strengthening capacity of the young women leaders to protect their political and civil rights, as well as other women who run for local governance and National Assembly, peace building and conflict resolution skills. The project became possible by the financial support of Kvinna till Kvinna foundation.

The situation is still extremely complex for young women in the rural areas. Through various trainings young women received an important knowledge on women’s rights. However, due to cultural and traditional stigma and stereotype mentality, as well as special status of youth in rural areas these rights have been rarely applied.

Regardless the difficulties, the previous project activities brought to significant transformation not only within women themselves but also in communities environment creating strong basis for change. Irrespective of the generational gaps existing between various generations of women in rural communities, it became also possible to create a certain understanding and common ground on these important issues. Strengthening these achievements, educating and preparing new leaders for critical change in the communities are of urgent importance, irrespective of the current negative background.

The main consequences of complete neglect of the young women’s interests from the programs are the following:

  • The stereotypes that women’s role is only within family enhances as discrimination, poverty, and limited resources always targets the most vulnerable.
  • Society is built based on isolation from its most innovative and creative resources, such as young women.
  • Environment of inequality and discrimination, enhancing stereotype approach and illiteracy.

To advance women’s rights specifically in rural areas, where as it was described negative impact is much stronger there is necessary to address specificities of the rural communities in Armenia: awareness raising should be done to develop gender sensitive approach. On the level of the local governance special programs should be developed on gender equality and the benefits of women’s involvement in governance, special programs addressing the education needs of young women, regular meetings and information flow should  provided , trainings on new livelihoods opportunities should be developed   

Project activities


1. Training on political and civil rights (ToT)
2. Meetings with the experts
3. Summer School
 4. Trainings in the communities
 5. Conference
6. Establishing young women’s groups to support women who running elections
7. Joint meeting of women candidates and support groups in Yerevan.
8. Participation in elections
9. Elections follow up meetings in target communities
10. Establishing of women’s political forum