"Democracy Today" is actively participating in regional meetings and negotiations, joint regional surveys and projects, trainings in peace building and conflict resolution. We had organised a conference "Women of Nagorno Karabach for peace and coexistence" in cooperation with MFA of NKR, training for MFA officials and NGO's, as well actively partnering with CEDAW on implementation of resolution 1325.

"Young Women's Peace Award in the Caucasus" 2014

The Young Women’s Peace Award in the Caucasus has been established to acknowledge the exceptional role and leadership potential of young women in building peace, empowering their communities and working to prevent conflicts and to restore and protect human rights. It has been inspired by the work of famous peace and human rights activist Anahit Bayandur (1931-2011), winner of Olaf Palme Peace Prize.

Peacebuilding project supported by Embassy of United States of America in Armenia

This project is important investment in regional peace process as it aims at empowering youth with necessary knowledge and practical experience to become active agents for peace, strengthen cooperation over shared values, and transform isolation and hatred into cooperation and sharing. To make voices of youth heard in the peace decision making the young men and women will present their views and concerns to their governments.

EPNK- “Armenian and Azerbaijani young women activism for peace and security”

“Armenian and Azerbaijani young women activism for peace and security” project is part of EPNK (European Partnership for the Peaceful Settlement of the Conflict over Nagorno-Karabakh) and the aim of this project is to empower Armenian and Azerbaijani young women, affected by the conflict over Nagorno Karabakh, to take peacebuilding initiatives, break enemy images and to strengthen their potential for dialogue.

EPNK - “Youth of Caucasus in search of peace and peaceful coexistence”

“Youth of Caucasus in search of peace and peaceful coexistence” –project, founded on September 2010 in collaboration with Kvinna Till Kvinna foundation is aimed to activate young women’s role from border and rural areas in peacemaking and to make young women’s voice to be heard. This project is implemented in the framework of a wider partnership with European peacebuilding organizations (International Alert, Conciliation Resources, Conflict Management Initiative, London Information Network of Conflict and State Building and the Kvinna till Kvinna Foundation) with the financial support of the European Commission.