“Protected Future for Youth”

Start date:May,2013 End date:Feb,2014

Project target

The project “Protected Future for Youth” is the continuation of educational and livelihood creation activities of the previous project, implemented by “Democracy Today”,  and is based on young people's social integration issues, showing ways to overcome the poverty, development of new values of youngsters, based on the experience, gained by “Democracy Today”.

The main aim of the project is to work with this group through provision of complex theoretical and practical knowledge and build skills as a part of the activities of the project.

Taking into consideration the political and not stabile economic situation in the country and staying true to our principles, we targeted the young people from disadvantaged, socially unsecured families from different districts of Yerevan and young people from poor communities, as the most vulnerable group. The main task of the project is to empower youth with necessary knowledge and skills, to find dignified, well paid  jobs, and make practical and useful the received skills and knowledge for easy integration in economic and social life and enhancement of the quality of their lives. 

Project activities

Activity 1. Organization of transportation of children from their communities and orphanage to Yerevan DT office and organization of two times a week trainings. The children will be divided into two groups depending on interests and will come separately each group twice a week.

Activity 2. Organization of computer and language lessons (organized and provided by DT) once a week

Activity 3. Organization of art and music history events by DT staff once a month for entire group

Activity 4. Selection of three to four students for management training and 2 students for accounting training. DT will identify special agencies that provide quality trainings and certificates. The fee will be paid from budget

Activity 5. Regular visits of students to concerts, exhibitions (DT staff).

Activity 6. Organization of fairs and participation in fairs.

Activity 7. At the end of the project the trained children will became mentors for other children from rural communities and we plan that 2-4 children will be hired by DT for future projects.