04 Mar 2015 The Dates of the Conference and Award are Clarified!!!

The Third Regional Conference entitled “Women in Caucasus: Politics of War, Peace, and Violence” will be held in Yerevan, on May 27th-30th, 2015. On May 30th renowned women of Caucasus will be awarded for outstanding contribution in peace and democratic establishment in Caucasus. Applications both for nominations for the Award and for participating in the Conference are being accepted until March 31st, 2014. (Details can be found here)

This decision has been made by the coordinating committee of the Caucasus Women for Peace Initiative which includes Democracy Today NGO (Yerevan, Armenia), Association for the Protection of Women’s Rights named after D. Aliyeva (Baku, Azerbaijan), Women’s Information Center (Tbilisi, Georgia), RSO Center (Grozny, Chechnya, Russia), and Union of Volunteers of Stavropol (Stavropol, Russia). 

The following subjects are going to be covered in interactive panels of this year’s Conference:

  1. Panel 1:World since 2014: Wars, conflicts, terrorism and fragile peace and its impact on women 
  2. Panel  2: The role of women in security sector – myth  or reality . Peace keeping forces, army’s stationed in the urban areas   and women 
  3. Panel 3: Existing policies and practices of involvement of women in peace process and negotiations 

Participation of interested public from not only Caucasus but also other parts of world  is welcomed. No participation fee. Organizers may assist in arranging logistics.