"New hope through art and skills"

Start date:Jan,2011 End date:Dec,2011

Project purpose

The staff of DT provides holistic approach providing help and advice to multiple issues youth encounters in their life.They also create family environment, which children lack and extremely important for their future development. Project, run forfew years already is teaching youth how through the work you loveand do it with the highest pleasure to have stabile income and help other. The trained youth provides master classes and training each year to other kids in vulnerable rural communities, widening crcles and empowering many with their knowledge and positive energy. Kids take part in many professional exhibits. You can come and visit us and if you are interested to buy things and donate to school.

Project target

Young girls and boys from orphanage and dysfunctional families who according to reasearch are target group to recruiters to trafficking chain are provided with necessary knowledge and practical skills in painting, the art of batik and bijoux sewing, creative art and computer and languages and history of art and fashion and which is most important skills to work togwether as team.

Project activities

A group of children from the orphanage is being traned by professional on batik, textile painting, bijoux, painting, handy crafts, languages on regular basis.

The children involved in current project from time to time participate in other projects' activities, implemented by "Democracy Today".

Young women from rural communities were invited in current project and were trained by kids.

There are often organized gallery and museum visits for kids.

In future acountant and management trainings are planned.

If you are interested write us for more details.


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