"Strengthening Capacities of Rural Women"– Phase IV

Start date:Jan,2013 End date:Dec,2013

Project target

The project aims at addressing the complex discriminations that women in rural areas encounter: be it in their advancement in political life, career, education, and employment, social stigma, and inherited through generations subordinated status of women.

Armenia is one of the unique countries where history has very strong impact on formulation of identity and social portrait of its folks. In many areas it is true, but surprisingly not enough in relation to women. In the recent years there has been noticed an increase in the most conservative approaches and strong stereotyping. This is irrespective of the fact that Armenia has very rich and important history of women’s movement for equality and rights and has many models proud of freethinking and prominent women.

As agriculture plays an important role in economy of Armenia, it is especially true in rural areas, where impact of transition processes had been stronger and influence of manmade and natural disasters was really destroying. Isolation from main educational institutions, job opportunities, and development programs these are the components that had destructive impact on societies weakening social cohesion, leading to internal and external migration, and enhancing even more the existing stereotypes towards women and making them more and more vulnerable.

Recession and unemployment coupled with intensification of negative gender stereotypes brought to marginalization of women in rural areas. Their role is limited to only family duties and it is extremely negative that women have also lost self confidence and agree with established status quo. Not only society is limiting women’s role in community life, village decision making, but women themselves give up their struggle for their important role in community.

The project will invest in increase in gender sensitivity and equality and provide access for women from rural areas to implement their human rights. Education provided to women and community through project activities will invest in development of new gender sensitive environment.

Through the years of DT’s work extensive experience have been accumulated and positive image created, and all those who participate in the project become ambassadors of the project in other communities.

Starting with small private projects these women are now coordinating other women in their community, they have learned much though the years and now are ready to teach others in the community to leadership, coalition building and other important skills. These women from Nalbandian village have established Nalbandyan Women’s Center NGO for women in community. One of their intentions is to strengthen the capacity of their organization, though which they would be able to share their professional knowledge and experience with other women from their community, to organize various initiatives aimed at women’s support as well as to inspire other women by their personal achievements and new status in the family and community making change in their everyday lives. 

Thus the target group for this project is women who are members of the Nalbandyan Women’s Center NGO as well as other women from Nalbandyan community who will benefit from the project through the NGO’s activities.