You matter!

What can I do if something is wrong in my community? Does my voice matter? What is the use use of knowledge? These are questions that are often asked in communities banded with traditional ties and apathy. To address the latter, the “Democracy Today” NGO organized a meeting with young women from villages near to Stepanavan City, Lori Region.

Participants from four villages (Yaghdan, Gargar, Koghb, Agarak) expressed interest in coming together with their fellow women, to discuss ground issues and to learn about others’ experiences how to tackle them.

Human rights activist and journalist Zarouhi Hovhannisyan shared her motivations and experiences in activism. She encouraged the participants to actively express their views, dreams, analyses and concerns about the things that are related to them personally and to the surrounding world, let it be a small community or a country. Self-reflection is the least requirement for change.She provided the participants with useful tools for writing, blogging and using the social networking sites and the traditional media in order to achieve change in their communities.

Afterwords the participants were asked to work out solutions for two different conflict situations. The participants worked in two separate groups. DT trainer Anna Ishkhanyan conducted the training. She asked to relate the situations to themselves and to see collectively what they could do in such situations to settle the conflict. When the participants presented their work in groups, Annarelated their work to the conflict resolution methods both in everyday life and in political life. She introduced the ways of conflicts emerge and get settled.


The overall training aimed at raising awareness on methods for resolving problems, majoring in writing articles, and better understanding the reasons of conflicts and methods or skills of their prevention and resolution.