Democracy today's mission is to:

Democracy today's vision is:

We hope that the investment from DT and other civil society organizations will give results that will contribute to a country where everybody’s rights and dignity are protected, and where women play an important role in making society just, secure, and prosperous - a democratic country with strong rule of law and balanced participation of women and men in society.

Mickael Shahinyan


Gulnara Shahinyan

Founder, board member and project manager

Gulnara was the initiator of Democracy Today. She was for many years director of board. With very many other responsibilities she did however recently leave position and has continued as project manager.

Donara Adonts

Board Member

Donara is one of the founders of "Democracy Today" NGO. She has been involved in many projects up to day. Currently she works with women from rural areas and always protects their rights.

Hasmik Edilyan

Project Manager

Hasmik has been working with DT since the very start. She was project Manager of the anti-trafficking projects. Now Hasmik is manager of "Straightening capacities of rural women"project cooperating with "Nalbandian women's Club" NGO.

Vardan Khatchmanian

Board Member

Vardan was project leader for "Investing in community education – creating new livelihoods" projects. Now he in managing the project called "Youth for peace" working with young people of rural and refugee communities.

Anna Ishkhanyan

Executive manager

Anna is working in "Democracy Today" NGO since 2010. She is responsible for organizing trainings, keeping connections with regions' representatives. Also she is included in projects connected with young women refugees.

Lusine Torosian

Project assistant

Lusine has worked with Democracy Today since 2006. She started working with the rural women leadership project, today she is a project assistant for the peacemaking project.

Zara Manukian

Project Manager

Zara is working in DT since 2009 as project manager of "New hope through arts and skills" project. Now she is managing "Protected future for youth" project working on young people's social integration issues.

Tsovinar Nazaryan

Communications Coordinator

Tsovinar works as Communications Coordinator in "Democracy Today" since 2013. She is working on media issues, perfectly highlighting all the events organized by DT. She is also activist at "Army in reality" initiative.

Zaruhi Hovhannisyan

Trainer/ Expert

Zaruhi works in "Democracy Today" as Trainer/Expert working with youth from rural communities. She is also famous social activist.