Anti human trafficking

Since 2004 "Democracy Today" has been implemented a counter-trafficking project "Assisting Victims of Trafficking and Building Society Inclusive and Sensitive to Victims of Trafficking" in cooperation with UMCOR. The project activities have encompassed the following main directions: information campaigns and awareness building among different layers of population, identification of victims and their referral to UMCOR shelter for assistance, reintegration of victims into their communities and families and capacity building of project staff.

If an offer of a good job in Armenia and a tempting future has turned into a tragedy for you, then…


Only you can help yourself.

By calling 0-800-50-558 free hotline from anywhere in Armenia, you will receive professional assistance from psychologists, doctors, lawyers absolutely free of charge.

Remember and call without hesitation!

from 09:00 to 17:30:


Assistance to victims of trafficking

12 information campaigns and seminars have been organized in 12 cities of Armenia, covering 8 marzes: Ijevan, Vanadzore, Echmiadzin, Charencavan, Vardenis, Masis, Vayk, Sisian, Kapan, Goris, Meghri, Stepanavan. Meetings have been held with NGO and state structure (teachers, doctors, police and social workers) representatives and vulnerable groups of the population.

3 round tables were organized: the first round table was for NGOs conducting legal assistance; the second one was for NGOs conducting social and psychological assistance; and the third one was for social workers of NGOs that work and conduct programs with vulnerable groups of risk.

3 victims of trafficking have been identified in 8 towns of Armanian Marzes, 1 of them have referred to the RAP Center for assistance; another 2 victims have refused to get assistance at the RAP Center, and have been included in the assistance project of UMCOR through the office of “Democracy Today”.

New hope through art and skills

"New hope through art and skills"- Counter Trafficking initiatives -implemented by "Democracy Today" and supported by KTK (Kvinna Till Kvinna) by LINDEX clothing chain in Sweden is innovative project, bringing business community to support empowering youth and providing them alternative available opportunities to start their professional life as members of small art crafts business incubator model.

Protected future for youth

The project “Protected Future for Youth” is the continuation of educational and livelihood creation activities of the previous project, implemented by “Democracy Today”,  and is based on young people's social integration issues, showing ways to overcome the poverty, development of new values of youngsters, based on the experience, gained by “Democracy Today”.

The main aim of the project is to work with this group through provision of complex theoretical and practical knowledge and build skills as a part of the activities of the project.

Taking into consideration the political and not stabile economic situation in the country and staying true to our principles, we targeted the young people from disadvantaged, socially unsecured families from different districts of Yerevan and young people from poor communities, as the most vulnerable group. The main task of the project is to empower youth with necessary knowledge and skills, to find dignified, well paid  jobs, and make practical and useful the received skills and knowledge for easy integration in economic and social life and enhancement of the quality of their lives. 

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