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The International Young Women’s Peace and Human Rights Award has been established to acknowledge the exceptional role and leadership potential of young women in building peace, empowering their communities, and working to prevent conflicts and restoring and protecting human rights. It has been inspired by the work of famous peace and human rights activist Anahit Bayandur (1931-2011), winner of Olaf Palme Peace Prize. We understand that “Peace is not the absence of war, but the ability to cope with it” put efforts to build and sustain it. We see peace as a creative and powerful process that needs to be built and youth, especially young women, have much to invest in that process in the world. 

This Award is aimed at advancing and supporting the emergence of a new generation of peace builders. The aim is to recognize their contributions as well as to support and empower them to feel responsible for their communities and the wider world in which they live.


The award will be given to a young woman between the ages of 25-45 or alternatively, an organization that invests in peace building in their community. The person or organization has to be known in the community for her/their outstanding peace-building activities and for her/their promotion of peace, justice, and protection of human rights. This can be done through civic activism, academic research, journalism, writing, using social media as a tool, etc. The work should have a lasting impact on the processes of peace and confidence-building. The geographical location or location of the current residence of the person or organization is not important, what matters is their work for peace.


Through the years of existence 27 outstanding women from different parts of the world have become laureates of the IYWA and engaged in different activities organized both by “Democracy Today” NGO and in their respective countries.

“The International Young Women’s Peace and Human Rights Award” - an inspirational initiative founded by the regional movement “Women of South Caucasus for Peace. Peace starts from your home” - established in October 2011.

The goal of the movement is to make the important role of women in peace processes visible and recognized and bring the voices of women to peace negotiations. The movement has developed its Plan of Action and declared February 6 as a Day of Peace in South Caucasus.

You can see Award-Application-2022 here

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