The International Young Women’s Peace and Human Rights Award has been established to acknowledge the exceptional role and leadership potential of young women in building peace, empowering their communities and working to prevent conflicts and to restore and protect human rights. It has been inspired by the work of famous peace and human rights activist Anahit Bayandur (1931-2011), winner of Olaf Palme Peace Prize. We understand that “Peace is not absence of war, but the ability to cope with it” put efforts to build and sustain it.

We see peace as a creative and powerful process that needs to be built and youth, especially young women, have much to invest in that process in the world.

This Award is aimed at advancing and supporting the emergence of a new generation of peace builders. The aim is to recognize their contributions as well as to support and empower them to feel responsible for their communities and the wider world in which they live.

The award will be given to a young woman between the ages of 25-45 or alternatively an organization that invests in peace building in their community. The person or organization has to be known in the community for her/their outstanding peace -building activities and for her/their promotion of peace, justice, and protection of human rights. This can be done through civic activism, academic research, journalism, writing, using social media as tool, etc. The work should have lasting impact on the processes of peace and confidence building. The geographical location or location of current residence of the person or organization is not important, what matters is their work for peace.

Through the years of existence 27 outstanding women from different parts of the world have become laureates of the IYWA and engaged in different activities organized both by “Democracy Today” NGO and in their respective countries.

“The International Young Women’s Peace and Human Rights Award” - an inspirational initiative founded by the regional movement “Women of South Caucasus for Peace. Peace starts from your home” - established in October 2011.

The goal of the movement is to make the important role of women in peace processes visible and recognized and bring voices of women to peace negotiations. The movement has developed its Plan of Action and declared February 6 as a Day of Peace in South Caucasus.

The applications for the 9th International Young Women's Peace and Human Rights Award are presented bellow.

The deadline for the applications is 1st March, 2020.




Instructions for the nomination

1. Individuals and groups with nominees in mind are encouraged to submit recommendations for any and all appropriate candidates/organizations through the submission of this nomination form and all applicable references.

• No self-nominations will be accepted.

• The reference material that is submitted will not be returned.

• The form may be submitted in Armenian, English or Russian

• Prior to submitting the nomination form, you must get the consent of the candidate. If this is not possible, please explain why you are not able to obtain consent.

2. All nomination forms will be submitted to the Selection Committees in Armenia, Azerbaijan or Georgia. In accordance with a report by the committee, the board of the Initiative of Women for Peace in the South Caucasus will decide the winner.

Award nominees

2012 - The first prize went to Inna Ayrapetyan (“Sintem” NGO, Chechen Republic, Russian Federation) for dangerous and risky work helping and supporting people during hostilities.  The second prize went to Sophia Shakirova (“Movement of the volunteers of the Stavropol”, Stavropol region, Russian Federation), for creating peaceful and secure environment for the younger generation in Stavropol. The third prize went to Rosa Ganieva (“Counseling and post-crisis psychological rehabilitation center”, Republic of Ingushetia, Russian Federation) for providing legal and psychological assistance to the victims of domestic violence.

2013 - The first prize went to Khadija Ismaylova (Radio Azadliq, Azerbaijan) for prominent investigative reporter and a diligent human rights protector. The second prize went to Zaruhi Hovhannisyan (publicist, journalist, Republic of Armenia) human rights defender, political journalist and activist of various civic movements. The third prize went to Malikat Dzhabirova (“Mother and Child” regional NGO, Dagestan, Russian Federation for civic activism and peace promotion.

2014 - The first prize went to Anahit Danielyan (“”, Nagorno-Karabakh) as raised issues related to women in her articles as well as fostered freedom of speech and expression of alternative opinion. The second prize went to Megi Bibiluri (Bridge of Friendship “KARTLOSI” NGO, Georgia) for the active involvement in youth movements and promotion of democratic values. The third prize went to Irina Kishukova (“Centre for Peacemaking and Community Development”, Kabardino-Balkaria, Russian Federation) for the implementation of peacemaking initiatives during the hostilities.

2015 - The second prize went to Naima Neflyasheva (Center for Civilizational and Regional Studies, Adygeya, Russian Federation) for promotion of human rights. The third prize won Eteri Sigaeva (“New generation” leader center, North Ossetia – Alania) for the advocating for the human rights.

2016 - The first prize went to Ghaida Odat (Syrian Women’s Committee, Syria) for the outstanding work in the peacebuilding. The second prize went to  Kheda Omarkhadzieva (“Sintem” NGO, Chechen Republic) for the promotion of women’s rights and development. The third prize went to Eliko Bendeliani (Regional Network of Peace and Reintegration (RNPR), Institute for the Study of Nationalism and Conflict, Georgia) for the great work in the conflict resolution.

2017 - The prize went to "Baghdad Women's Association" (Baghdad, Iraq) for the huge work in sustaining peace and for human rights contribution. The next prize went to Ms. Katherine Ronderos Cifuentes (Bogota, Colombia) for exceptional achievements in raising awareness on women's rights and promoting peace in Republic of Colombia.

2018 - Human rights activist Khin Omar (Burma) photo-journalist Adriane Ohanesyan (US) and human rights activist Maine Balman (Cyprus) were awarded for their exceptional work in the field of peace and human rights. During the event the special diplomas have also been granted. Catherine Herzog (Belgium) received a special diploma "For outstanding work in the field of peace and human rights education". Journalist Taus Serganiova (Chechnya) also received a diploma “for human rights and peace journalism”.

2019-the award was given to Shirin El Jurdi (Lebanon) “for exceptional dedication and work to conflict prevention and protection of human rights”, Muna Luqman (Yemen) “for outstanding work in raising women’s visibility in peace building and gender responsive policy” and Malika Abubakarova (RF, Chechnya) for the recognition of her "outstanding work in protection of rights of women and children, as well as, investing in justice”.

2019-Eka Horstka received a special diploma “for outstanding and dedication work in building inclusive and resilient communities”.

2019- “Mission Armenia” received a special diploma “for providing human security to refuge and vulnerable communities”. 


On 23 – 24 March 2013, “Caucasus Peace Conference: two Decades of Women’s Rights in the Caucasus” was held in Yerevan, Armenia. It was organized by “Democracy Today” NGO. It was the first regional conference aimed to develop new platform of collaboration between women’s groups from entire Caucasus. By establishing new cooperative platforms women aim not only get to know each other’s work, methodologies and achievements in promoting peace and human rights, but also to learn from each other, support one another and get empowerment as an end.  

During the Conference women have constructive dialogue and have shared their creative approaches to the most delicate problems the women encounter in their work. They were happy to share their concerns in atmosphere of friendship and confidence and discuss the ways forward. When the idea of Conference came up in 2013, it had “Caucasus peace conference” title.

Starting from 2016, the Conference has become international. Organizations working in the different part of the world are invited. 

Organizations from 16 regions of Caucasus, having long-standing experience in peacebuilding and human rights protection at home, were invited to participate in the conference. One organization from each region of the Caucasus was invited to talk about peace and security to particularly emphasize the role of women in peacemaking processes. Any participating organization should have had a longstanding experience of in promoting peace, security and human rights in their respective regions/ countries. The two-day meeting provides creative environment for the participants with a free choice of the methods of presentation they are interested in, such as panel discussions, master class demonstrations of methodologies and group discussions. The participants are positively surprised by the atmosphere and procedures of the conference and the Award ceremony. The participants expressed their gratitude both during the conference and afterwards over and over again. It is already tradition to held annual conference and award ceremony, highlighting the important issues of the past year and awarding brave women peacemakers for their inclusive work.

The applications for the 8th International Conference are presented bellow.

The deadline for the applications is 1st March, 2020.

You can fill out form online here:

The applications for the 8th International Conference are presented bellow.

The deadline for the applications is 1st March, 2020.




Here you can find the films dedicated to "The International Young Women’s Peace and Human Rights Award" and International Conference".

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