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Peace Building

"Democracy Today" is actively taking part in regional meetings and negotiations, joint regional surveys and projects, trainings in peacebuilding and conflict resolution. We had organized a conference "Women of Nagorno Karabakh for peace and coexistence" in cooperation with MFA of NKR, training for MFA officials and NGO's, as well actively partnering with CEDAW on implementation of resolution 1325.

Young women for peace and gender equality

Since 2004 up to know Democracy Today works with Kvinna till Kvinna Foundation (KtK) developing projects on women’s leadership in rural areas. Our joint projects aim to - assist women to be elected as mayors, specifically in border areas of Armenia; - support them to develop community projects for the creation of a gender-balanced community; - establish coalitions of rural women which will deal with common challenges women face in their respective communities. Project is designed to increase the role of young women in political life in Armenia with a particular focus on peacebuilding. To this end, we aim to empower young women to claim their civil and political rights and enhance their leadership capacity.

European Partnership for the Peaceful Settlement of the Conflict over Nagorno-Karabakh (EPNK)

The most highlighted topics of the project referred to the empowerment of women and the role, which they have in the society. During the third phase of the project there have been more peacebuilding activities that targeted women. During this type of activities women have been introduced to diverse fundamental and basic means that are crucial to establish peace. Women tried to find out their roles as peace makers in their communities and regions. The project is implemented in the framework of a wider partnership with European peacebuilding organizations with the financial support of the European Commission.

Small projects granted by Democracy Today NGO

Democracy Today NGO has a huge experience in supporting rural communities. In the frames of various project DT provided number of small grants. Different activities and brilliant initiatives have been carried out in the frames of the small project. Among them schools organized by rural youth for the neighboring communities, surveys and research actives, art initiatives, etc.

As one of the brightest examples of the small project we can introduce film "A piece of peace shoot by the group of young people from the Berdavan border community.

Here you can find the link to the film.

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