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From the very beginning, alongside the other projects, our organization implemented a number of studies, assessment reports and research projects. The research unit continues to be an important part of an organization’s work. During the past two years, Democracy Today carried out eight publications*. The aim of these books and reports is to raise important human rights issues and present recommendations on effective and viable solutions to the state actors and relevant policymakers. In this section, you can find most of the recent studies implemented by Democracy Today NGO.

    * Some publications of DT are not available online because of sensitivity and/or confidentiality matters.


Annotation: This resource book is aimed to be a practical tool for all those state organizations, CSOs, international organizations that are involved in Women, Peace and Security (WPS). The volume comprises manual itself, the glossary of terminology and the translation of the UNSCR on WPS.


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Annual report - 2021

The Annual Report summarizes the work carried out by Democracy Today NGO (DT) in the period from January to December 2021. It illustrated the major achievement and results of our activities and the most memorable moments of 2021.
The fundamental principles of our organization include a clear definition regarding the primary goals of Democracy Today that are highlighted with the progress achieved during the report period.

Annual report 2021

Annual report - cover - 2021.jpg

Youth speaks peace

The publication includes visions and perceptions on the peace of youth from Tavush bordering the province of Armenia and Artsakh. The study presents the dynamic change in perceptions from the first assessment, which took place long before the Tavush war, and visions after the first brief clashes at the borders of Tavush and followed by the 44-day full-scale destructive war. Another important trait of this study is that it includes chapters written by the young local experts, bringing their personal insight.

Youth speaks peace

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Never again!!!
44 days war: war crimes and international law

The publication is based on the facts and documents collected and recorded by the Ombudsmen of Armenia and Artsakh (Nagorno Karabakh). International organizations and media sources aim to provide the analysis of the war crimes committed during this short, but devastating war. It also introduces a rich pool of corresponding definitions and articles from the international legal framework adopted and ratified by the states to address such war crimes. 



Annual report - 2020

The Annual Report provides an overview of the work carried out by Democracy Today NGO (DT) in the period from January to December 2020.
The report covers the work of DT, as well as illustrates the success of our beneficiaries and participants.

Our organization highlights the importance of transparency and accountability.

Annual report 2020

Annual report - cover - 2020.jpg

A Day in a Life of Women Peacebuilders in the time of COVID

We are happy to present you with a unique publication which is a collection of stories and articles from women peacebuilders from different parts of the world.

This publication is also an expression of the new creative spirit of women from all over the world and this is our joint input in gender equality and new post-COVID democracy.

A day in a life of women peacebuilders in

the time of COVID


Women resist war

Lika (Anzhelika) Zakaryan is a journalist at CivilNet from Stepanakert. Throughout the war, she was covering the situation in Artsakh (Nagorno-Karabakh). She is a political scientist by profession, more focused on the resolution of conflicts and peacebuilding. Lika gained readers when she started publishing her war diary, which was written in simple human language and was loved by the people.

Women resist war

Lika - book cover.jpg

MIMINO project

The main idea of the “Mimino” project was the development of a new platform for confidence-building and coexistence of Georgian and Armenian young people. The project raised awareness among the young, active and knowledgeable members of Armenian and Georgian societies on the social, economic, and political situations in both countries and helped to find common grounds for distinctive and productive cooperation. 

MIMINO project


Manual on practical advice for employment

In the frameworks of the "New skills for new youth" project, a publication has been initiated which includes the step-by-step recommendation on how to build a successful career path for young people. The manual includes recommendations on CV, resume, and motivation letter writing, as well as, practical tips on how to succeed during a job interview.

Manual on practical advice for employment


Annual report - 2019

We are happy to present you with the annual report of our organization for 2019. 

The Report presents the work carried out by Democracy Today NGO (DT) in the period of January to December 2019.

It covers the work of the organization and illustrates the success of the project beneficiaries and participants. Our organization highlights the importance of transparency and accountability. 


Annual report - 2019 - cover.jpg

Annual report - 2018

Democracy Today NGO is proud to present the annual report of our organization for 2018. 

In the report, you can find general information about the work, which has been implemented by our organization during 2018. 

The report also illustrates the success of our participants and beneficiaries, as well as, highlights the challenges which we faced during the year. Democracy Today NGO  highlights the importance of transparency and accountability of non-governmental organizations.


Annual report - 2018 - cover.jpg

Protecting Life and Health for the Military Personnel

Launched in 2015, this project aimed at raising awareness of RA citizens, particularly youth under compulsory military service and their family members, as well as invests in the development of policies of Right to health of military personnel which would help to ensure improvement of life and health conditions in the Armenian Army. Focused on the protection of the right to health of servicemen, through comprehensive comparative study we seek to reveal the approaches and mechanisms which would improve the health care and social conditions in the army and ensure the proper level of the State’s responsibility for the life and health of those called up for the military service.

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