Research unit

Since the very beginning parallel with other project our organization was implementing number of research projects and surveys. The aim of vast majority of that projects was providing the most vulnerable groups the knowledge and skills to stand for their rights, as well as to raise awareness about the specific issue among the state and non-state actors. Here you can find the latest research projects implemented by "Democracy Today" NGO.

Protecting Life and Health for the Military Personnel

Launched in 2015, this project aims at raising awareness of RA citizens particularly youth under compulsory military service and their family members, as well as invests in development of policies of Right to health of military personnel which would help to ensure improvement of life and health conditions in the Armenian Army. Focused on the protection of the right to health of servicemen, through comprehensive comparative study we seek to reveal the approaches and mechanisms which would improve the health care and social conditions in the army and ensure the proper level of the State’s responsibility for the life and health of those called up for the military service. This is a large scale project with a 

variety of components such as policy assessment, interviews and open discussions with all the stakeholders. The project will be concluded with a set of recommendations for the Government of Armenia. The project is supported by the Norwegian Helsinki Committee.

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