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Democracy Today (DT) is a union of public leaders, scholars, activists who work in the area of human rights and democracy starting from 1994. The organization has been registered as an NGO in 2002. Since its inception, DT has been working in human rights protection. The organization promotes women’s rights and gender equality, encourages youth for active civic participation, implements development projects in the bordering and conflict-affected communities, and assists the victims of trafficking in humans. Democracy Today always preferred to work in the most remote and rural areas of Armenia, trying to spread the concept of human rights, democracy, and equality in those communities where these notions have not been in the center of attention.

Democracy today’s mission is to:

  • Support democratic processes in Armenia

  • Enhance women’s role and invest in building a gender-sensitive and inclusive society

  • Protect of rule of law and human rights

Democracy Today hopes to invest in a country where everybody’s rights and dignity are protected, where citizens raise their voices and concerns playing an important role in making society just, secure, and prosperous - a democratic country with a strong rule of law.

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